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What does it take to achieve the Best Wire Rod Coil Products?

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In-line with growing demands for Wire Rod coil Products, AS Steels as a Wire Rod Coil supplier aims to give the finest wire rod coils to its customers. Able to supply any quantity seamlessly, they have never compromised in their quality. With the intake of wire rod coil from the Best Wire Rod Coil Manufacturers, they provide only the best product to its customers.

Are you eager to know what it takes to achieve the Best Wire Rod Coil Products?

Here they are:


Annealing is a heat treatment process used mostly to increase the ductility and reduce the hardness of a material. Annealing improves the formability of a material. Hard, brittle materials can be difficult to bend or press without creating a material fracture. Annealing helps eliminate this risk. Annealing can also improve machinability. An extremely brittle material can cause excessive tool wear. Reducing the hardness of material via annealing can reduce the wear on the tool being used. Annealing removes residual stresses. Residual stresses can create cracks and other mechanical complications, and it is often best to eliminate them whenever possible.

Cold Rolling treatment:

Hot rolling followed by cold rolling is an important step in certain types of steel. When steel is rolled out to form a coil, steel is processed at various temperatures starting from hot rolling at a temperature of 1700F to a cold rolling done at or near room temperature. This enables the steel to achieve more exact dimensions and better surface qualities. The benefits extend up to get well-marked edges and corners of Rod coil products along with concentric uniformity and straightness.

Lubrication of Rod coil:

Lubrication is a necessary process to control the friction between the rolls. The lubricants are primarily desired to act as the protective film with high separation power, resist corrosion, and controls dissipation of heat which in turn increases the life of rod coil. The perfect lubrication of rod coil enables us to get the best-wire rod coil products.


Mill scale is cleaned from steel wire rods by pickling or caustic cleaning followed by water rinsing. Otherwise by mechanical means, such as reverse bending descalers which flex the material around pulleys to fracture and displace the scale from the rod surface. Alternatively, it is achieved by shot basting where steel shots bombard the scale breaking it away from the rod surface. 


A supplementary coating operation always follows the cleaning of steel wire rods. Phosphate coating facilitates the drawing of medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel, as well as allows for intensification of plastic cold processing of low-carbon steel. The seamless coil coating process enables the highest standard on quality assurance. It has a significantly lower environmental emission than batch or post-painting processes.


To achieve longevity, aesthetic qualities, hygiene, and respect for the environment, the enamelling process is essential. Enamelled steel has many properties which make it a first-rate material for numerous applications. Its characteristics result from combining the properties of its two constituent elements, namely steel and enamel. Steel contributes mechanical strength and formability, while enamel provides durability and a beautiful glossy appearance.

These are the ways which enable the most efficient use of Wire Rod Coil products, and AS Steels can help you procure the finest Wire Rod Coils from India.

Get Prepared. Get Partnered. Get Profited.

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